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Trace the history of your family or home

Hello and welcome to my new website. I am a historian and genealogist based in Kent. I run an award winning community history project around the First World War, as well as a community history page on facebook for my local town. I’ve been fascinated by history and family stories for over thirty years and this site is designed to explain how I can help you reveal your own family story.

Whether you would like me to trace your whole family tree, research a certain person or event, or even reveal the history of your home, our research is based on an hourly rate of £30 per hour. Tailored fees to suit your needs can also be provided. As well as regular updates, you will receive a detailed written report of your family tree as well as an electronic version to share with relatives.

We also offer a virtual presentation of your research results, where we will talk you through your family tree via zoom or other online apps, creating your very own ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ experience.

For further information and a free consultation, please get in touch via our contact page, or email

Recent research projects have included:

Investigating whether a client was an illegitimate descendent of King Edward VII (for Mr C, below)

Revealing the true story of a family adoption in the 1920s (for Mrs R, below)

Discovering the Military service papers for a range of people who served in the Forces.

Helping a client use their DNA results to piece together their family tree

Client Feedback

“Your ancestry research changed my life. Discovering the real family of my adopted father has been fascinating and fulfilling. Thank you Matt.”

Mrs R. from Sevenoaks

“Thank you for discovering the stories of my Irish ancestors. So many things we didn’t know before”

Mr H. From Kent

“Thanks so much for all the work that you’ve done on our family genealogy, it has been so interesting. We’ve all loved it”

Mr C. from London